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“Better Circulation means Better Health”

Why I developed MagneMax-LIFEline Therapeutic Magnets

Stage-4 Bladder Cancer

jos “I have the lifeline magnetic rings in my pocket during the day and this feels good. I still work every day 12 hours and feel fine. I get compliments every day that I am looking 10 years younger. Decision: lifeline gives me wings. Maybe a little exaggerated… but you understand me.” All the best, Jos V.


“To whom is reading this, I admire you in your ability to be open to finding relief for chronic pain. I have met so many that are so convinced that there is no relief that they do not pursue even the possibility of doing so. Some chose to prefer the constancy of pain to the possibility of relief.LIFEline Series-7 Earth-Core Energy Band Effortlessly Eliminates STRESS, Headaches, Pain, High Blood Pressure, Poor Circulation, Inflammation, Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression, Backache, Dizziness, Pinched Nerve, Sports Injury, Low Energy while Improving Circulation.  As  a Cognitive Enhancement, Improves Memory and Concentration.


Recommend LIFEline ‘PROFESSIONAL-STRENGTH’ Magnetic Energy Bands for your Patients and Enjoy a more Restful Sleep.

LIFEline ‘PROFESSIONAL-STRENGTH’ (Earth-Core) Energy Bands.

Varicose Veins-sm

Two years ago, I suffered from a Hematoma in my left leg. When I first put on the necklace, it had sent a sharp pain directly to my left leg so sharp and scary that I immediately took them off. Then I realized that the magnetic energy had actually focused on the area where my hematoma was located. My Doctor had told me that if that if the hematoma had not dissolved, I would need immediate surgery. Wearing MagneMax had simply Dissolved the hematoma and for that I have to credit this from wearing MagneMax. With Magnemax or LIFEline Professional Therapeutic Magnets, there is no risk. These magnets have made a great difference to me as I enter my Third Pain Free Year.

ps. I am all for their newest ‘LIFEline’ Professional version as we know your research continues to be a Miracle in Progress. In spite of a few drawbacks with your older versions, I and others remain completely pain free. Thank you!”, Dominic Arcy

“Wearing LIFEline Alleviated my Chronic BACK PAIN!”

Proven Results
Relief from Alzheimer’s: “I placed the LIFEline Necklace on my mother’s head for 30 minutes and her Dizziness was gone. Her character also changed. She actually became Adorable and even told me that she Loved the lamp I had made for her. I’m bringing Crazy-Glue with me tomorrow to Glue this LIFEline Necklace to her Neck in so she’ll ‘Never’ take it off again. Thank you for this absolutely Amazing product.”, Thomas Corella



“I’ve been suffering from pain in both of my legs which until this morning, have been very swollen. Tomorrow I will see a Doctor as the pain is grrrrrrrr! I can only walk as an old man. I removed your two bracelets from my ankles and connected them to make another necklace then connected them to wear as a belt around my waist. Well, this morning, I don’t know what I will tell the Doctor because it almost does not hurt and I no longer walk as an old man now. I guess if I leave them on for a few more days, I will walk as a kid again.”, Tom

“It was very fast to recover from my accident. I am 65 and a 250 pound auto mechanic which I had fallen down my pit stairway and injured my ankle very badly. My doctor told me that it will take up to 8 weeks for my ankle to heal and was asked to come back every week, which I have not done. Every day I use your magnets at bedtime and has helped me to in so many ways, no cramps or early morning stiff ankle and foot joints, and of course in the recovery of my ankle. The bottom line here is that I never felt so good in many years. Once again thank you so much.”, Dennis.

Magnetic Therapy: A Plausible Attraction One of the most ardent advocates of magnetic therapy is Dr. William Philpott of Oklahoma, who publishes his own Magnetic Energy Quarterly. He is also on the board of the Bio-Electro-Magnetics Institute of Reno, Nevada, a nonprofit “research and educational organization” and an advisor to the NIH Office of Alternative Medicine. Dr. Ronald Lawrence of California has successfully used magnets to relieve pain in hundreds of his patients. The mechanism most commonly offered for various therapeutic effects of magnets is improved blood circulation, despite a lack of clear evidence for such an effect. Other suggestions include alteration of nerve impulses, increased oxygen content and increased alkalinity of bodily fluids, magnetic forces on moving ions, and decreased deposits on the walls of blood vessels.

LIFEline Harnesses the Same ‘Earth-Core’ Magnetic Energy that Ponce de Leon had Discovered and Encapsulated it inside a Small yet Very Powerful container that when Linked Together and placed around your Wrist and Neck to produce an Energy Field so Strong that it can easily Transfer this Energy to Every Blood Cell providing significantly Greater Circulation thus Increasing Oxygenation.

Wearing LIFEline ‘Therapeutic’ Earth Core Magnetic Energy Band Magnetically Transfers Magnetic Energy which Charges ‘Iron Rich’ Blood Cells Bond with Oxygen thus Efficiently Distributing ‘Oxygen Rich Hemoglobin’ throughout the entire body. The ‘POWER’ of LIFEline ‘Therapeutic’ Earth-Core Magnetic Energy Band Effectively Distributes Oxygenated ‘Iron-Rich Blood’ to Maintain Overall Health, Youthful Vitality and Sustainable Energy. See for yourself and you too will Realize the Indisputable Results from wearing LIFEline ENERGY Bands.

LIFEline ‘Therapeutic’ Earth-Core Magnetic Energy Bands are connected together, produces a Magnetic Energy Field which generates a Natural ‘Earth-Core’ Magnetic Energy within the LIFEline ‘Therapeutic’ Earth-Core Magnetic Band and Effectively Relieves a Variety of Chronic ‘Symptoms’.

Within these next few pages, you will gain a considerable amount of knowledge whereby wearing LIFEline Therapeutic ‘Earth-Core’ Magnetic Energy Bands will provide you with more Energy, a Better and Healthier LIFE and a clear understanding in how you can Discover your “Fountain of Youth”.


Healing Energy…

“Thanks to LIFEline, I am Walking Again! I was in So Much PAIN that my Doctor told me I would Never Walk again! It’s because of LIFEline that I am Walking Again! Less than one year ago, I had a serious motorcycle accident that hadBroken my Lower Back in two places (L4 & L5) which my Doctor had told me that I would Never Walk again. Thanks to LIFEline, I am able to do things in my daily life that anyone who knows my condition, could only Dream of doing. Less than a month after wearing the LIFEline, I began noticing a lot less pain and an increased strength in my lower back. It’s been only two months since wearing LIFEline and I’m able to walk the entire mall with my family without pain and without my back-brace. Thanks to LIFEline, I can now live an almost normal life.”, Michael (Audio Results)


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Magnetic Therapy: A Plausible Attraction One of the most ardent advocates of magnetic therapy is Dr. William ...

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…I placed the Lifeline Magnets Necklace on my mother’s head for 30 minutes and her Dizziness was gone. ...

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